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Droplets of Poetry


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Sunset along beach

Poetry from the heart

Late at night
She stays awake to watch him sleeping
Wondering if it was fate
Or something else
That brought him into her life
An angel from up above
A protector
When the world seems out to get her
With a heart of gold
And a embrace
That not even death
Can break
She smiles
Knowing that he'll always be there
To be her shelter in the storm
He is her
Angel from up above!

Loving You

I've tried all that I could
To prove to you
My love is yours
And always will be
There is no one in this world
Who can make me feel the way that you do
When you look at me, touch me, kiss me, hold me in your arms
I feel special when I am with you
Almost like I can fly
You healed my heart
After so many years of it being torn
I wish that you believe me and in my love
As much as I believe in you
Your love
And in us

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