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Droplets of Poetry


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Rainbow and storm clouds

My Poetry


When I look in your eyes so blue
I can see the saddness
Shining through
I know you've been hurt
I know your pain
Wondering if trying for happiness
Is all in vain
I want to prove to you
That my love is real
But the walls you've built
Are made of steel
I'll stand here hoping
For the day
That you will see
My love for you is real
And then you would
Finally say
That you love me


She hides from
The world around her
She can't remember
The last time
Someone needed her,
Or loved her
She struggles to free herself
From the demons
That dwell within the shell
Of her mind
Clinging to the darkness of her room
Trying to shield herself
From the pain of heartbreak
Wishing only to be
Free of this
burden that she carries
To one day
Be able to be
Needed and loved